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ColdMark Freeze Indicators are the ideal way of assuring your products have not been exposed to cold temperatures. Guaranteed to work within + or - 1°C degree of it’s response temperature. You know at a glance if your product has been exposed to freezing temperatures in transit (shipping) or storage. The highest degree of accuracy in the industry, providing a permanent record that assures your product’s integrity and quality. Our courteous customer service professionals will answer any questions you might have on our quality line of temperature indicator recorder products.

  • Assure the quality of refrigerated pharmaceuticals, chemicals, film,
     medical devices and electronics
  • Provides an accurate visual record of damaging low temperature conditions
  • Record conditions at a critical temperature
  • Easy to use
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Qty. Per Case

518 N/A COLDMARK (-3° C/ 26° F) N/A 100
519 N/A COLDMARK (0° C/32° F) N/A 100
520 N/A COLDMARK (2° C/36° F) N/A 100
522 N/A COLDMARK (5° C/41° F) N/A 100
523 N/A COLDMARK (10° C/50° F) N/A 100
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