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Polar Tech’s EPS packaging products are in fact a Green ” or “Sustainable Packaging” choice.

First, all of Polar Tech’s EPS products are made from an inert material that does not contain or emit any harmful chemicals or gases. Polar Tech’s EPS products do not contain any CFC gases, glues or resins. Consequently, our EPS products can be used and disposed of without any chance that harmful leaching or emissions will occur.

Second, Polar Tech’s EPS products are friendlier to the environment than paperboard equivalents. Available statistics show that EPS packaging products, compared to paperboard equivalents, generate 46% less atmospheric waste and 42% less waterborne waste. In addition, EPS products are produced with 30% less energy.

Third, all of Polar Tech’s EPS products can be recycled. In 2008 alone, over 69 million pounds of EPS products were recycled. That tonnage is sure to grow as companies implement EPS recycling programs. Many companies, such as IKEA and Walmart, are already recycling EPS packaging. With minimal effort, you can too.

In short, there is no environmental reason why you should not continue to enjoy the exceptional cushioning and thermal insulating properties of Polar Tech’s EPS packaging products.
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