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General Guidelines for Packaging Perishable Products

Packaging should never be taken lightly. To have an impact, packaging must assert itself. Manufacturers often think of packaging as an expense but it is one of their most important investments. Perishable packaging carries enormous responsibilities. Our packaging designers will work with you to protect your product from both internal and external damage during transport, not to mention temperature protection.

We have developed programs combined with our sophisticated test labs to assist in determining the most effective packaging for each shipping situation. With continual testing of all containers and refrigerants, we suggest containers with the appropriate wall thickness, as well as type and amount of refrigerant required for your chosen mode of transportation. Always call with questions, click here for more Frequently Asked Questions(PDF).

Click on the links below to download illustrations.

Frozen - Using Dry Ice

Chilled - Using Refrigerant Packs

Low-Mild Frozen - Using Cold Packs and Dry Ice

Warming - Using Warmed Refrigerants

Controlled Temperature Range - Using Cold Packs

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