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Shipping Refrigerants or Frozen Products
Every year, more products are shipped refrigerated or frozen – from cakes, pastas and ice cream to human tissues, medicines and bio-tech specimens.
The most important item needed to ship perishable products is a high-quality, industrial, styrofoam-insulated cooler with a wall thickness of 1-1/2 to 3 inches. A thick-walled EPS polystyrene container will reduce the amount of cold packs or dry ice needed and extend transit times. read more...

Dry Ice Guide Table
Pounds of dry ice recommended for Frozen Packaging and Shipping. Extra dry ice is included to compensate for ambient room temperature containers, product and package conditioning prior to shipping. Click here to view table.

Dry Ice FAQs
What is dry ice? How is dry ice made? How do I store dry ice?
What is sublimate? Is dry ice safe?
Click here for the answers

Temperature Sensitive Packaging with Dry Ice and Refrigerant Packs FAQs
Fundamental Guidelines on Packaging Perishable Products

Absolute Zero Dry Ice Snow Maker (video)

Dry Ice Installation Manuals
Dry Ice Snow Maker (PDF)
Dry Ice Snow Cone (PDF)
Dry Ice Warnings

Packaging Assistance Guidelines

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